Our Story

In a Nutshell

Anpassa is a British brand of premium, men’s activewear. We create products that blend performance, comfort and style without compromise.

The Idea

Founded from a background in sportswear design, we felt that the industry had become stuck in its’ ways – a market flooded with cheap, poor quality clothing that doesn’t perform as intended and simply doesn’t last.

We felt there’s an opportunity to create a new style of technical sportswear that’s engineered to enhance your active lifestyle. Versatile apparel, designed to transition from one environment to the next; whether you’re training, running, in the office or climbing a mountain.


our story - men's activewear

Design Ethos

First and foremost, the products need to perform. We source cutting-edge fabrics from Europe and only use manufacturers that provide premium build quality. We continuously test our garments in a variety of conditions, from the toughest workouts to the most gruelling outdoor pursuits.

When it comes to workout clothes, you are often faced with choosing between functionality or style. At Anpassa, we strongly believe you can have both, without compromise. No big logos, no crazy colour schemes, no gimmicks – just simple, understated designs that take you seamlessly from workout to work.

Many of the larger brands use a policy known as ‘planned obsolescence’ – deliberately shortening a product’s life span, forcing you to buy more. We strive to make expertly crafted sportswear that stands up to the demands of the most intense workouts. While some might consider this bad business, we believe in a culture of consuming less and investing in quality.

The Name



  1. A Swedish word meaning “to adapt”.

A perfect description for our brand. We create versatile activewear for men that not only looks good but performs when you’re breaking a sweat.